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Rongwei Company was found in 2006, our headquarters is located inZhuhai , China . Our parent company is Zhuhai Rongwei Tiancai Printer Consum -ables Co , Ltd , and subsidiaries are Zhuhai Rongwei Digital Technology CoLtd . and Rongwei ( Zhuhai ) Medical Equipment Co.Ltd.

Zhuhai Rongwei Tiancai printing consumables Co., Ltd. has focused on the field of spray compatible consumables for more than ten years. It is an enterprise that integrates the R & D, production, sales and service of medical device boxes, medical inks and film printers. It is widely recognized and trusted by customers at home and abroad.

Rongwei (Zhuhai) Medical Equipment Co. Ltd, was found in 2017.It has one R & D center, one production base, and 250 distributors in more than 30 provinces. We takes the lead in equipment industry.

Through innovative mode design, mature service system, scientific environmental protection concept, and perfect after-sales service system, Rongwei medical keeps leading position as an equipment supplier. Rongwei medical actively responds to national policies, adheres to the needs of the hospital, takes meeting the needs of the people for medical treatment as the fundamental policy, improves the consultation efficiency of the hospital, shortens the waiting time of the people for medical treatment, and provides R & D, production, installation and service for the output of medical images of the hospital, Promote the vertical flow of medical resources by means of informatization, provide remote image diagnosis and other services from medical image diagnosis to grass-roots medical and health institutions, and strive to build a comprehensive service platform for the medical image industry chain.

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