AFRICA HEALTH, 2022 Nov 01, 2022

AFRICA HEALTH, 2022, Johannesburg Medical Products Exhibition, South Africa, from 10.26 to 10.28, 2022, in South Africa - Johannesburg - 19 Richards Drive Johannesburg Gauteng Midland 1685 South Africa - Gallagher Conference Center, hosted by Infirman Group, held once a year, with an estimated exhibition area of 40000 square meters and 50000 visitors, The number of exhibitors and brands reached 800.

Africa Health, a medical industry event held by Informa Exhibition Group in the UK to open up the African market, was founded in 2011, once a year. It is an excellent platform for medical industry manufacturers to introduce various products to the growing African medical market and expand African business. It is also a hospital, pharmaceutical industry, medical academic research An important gathering place for retailers and other professionals.

The organizer of South Africa International Medical Equipment Exhibition is British Infirmary, which is a world-famous exhibition company. On the basis of holding Dubai Medical Exhibition for 40 years, South Africa International Medical Exhibition will open a new medical event in the African market in 2011. South Africa International Medical Exhibition will provide a comprehensive and diversified professional platform for the huge business opportunities in the African medical market. At the same time, it is also the best time for exhibitors to display, publicize and promote the company's corporate image and products.

As one of the five BRICS countries, South Africa has a population of more than 50 million, and has not yet established a sound medical care system. Most of the medical devices and hospital equipment are imported from abroad. In 2010, South Africa's imports of medical devices and equipment increased by 30%, with an amount of about 1.1 billion dollars. China has now become the fourth largest medical device importer in South Africa.

It has a population of nearly 50 million and belongs to a moderately developed country. Its medical expenditure accounts for 9% of GDP. The government's principle is to ensure that everyone has the right to medical insurance. Under the guidance of this principle, among the industries supported by the government, the medical insurance industry has been promoted from the third to the first.

As the largest medical exhibition in sub Saharan Africa, Africa Health provides exhibitors with a trade platform to explore Africa and surrounding countries, leading the future development direction of the African medical industry.

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