Application of medical B-ultrasound film Apr 2, 2021

Medical B-ultrasound film is widely used in B-ultrasound, color ultrasound, gastroenteroscopy, pathology and other inspection items.

The born of medical B-ultrasonic film is based on the popularity of radiology film. Medical B-ultrasonic film was born in the 1950s and 1960s. It is a new type of film with pet as the film base and coated with printing and protective layers. It can print the finished product directly from a general printer. It can be divided into inkjet B-ultrasonic film and laser B-ultrasonic film according to the printing category.

B-ultrasound film has excellent texture, waterproof, tear resistant, high temperature resistant and non deformation, and can be stored for a long time. It plays an important role in the medical industry pursuing high-definition images.

The reason for the emergence of B-ultrasound film is more due to the needs of the market. Most B-ultrasound films can be used as the first picture taken by pregnant women for their children, which is of great significance for children and pregnant women. The better texture of B-ultrasound film can highlight the image of the hospital.

At the beginning, B-ultrasound films were widely used in various high-end clinics and private medical centers. They were created due to the needs of high-end customers. Since the 20th century, with the improvement of living standards, B-ultrasound films have become more popular, and most public hospitals have also introduced high-definition B-ultrasound films.

At present, B-ultrasound film has been made in China, and there are several manufacturers in China, among which Rongwei film has been widely recognized by the market, with stable film quality, good quality and low price.

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