Attention for Medical Printers Apr 2, 2021

Today We Rongwei are going to share with you some notes on the use of medical printers

1. Do not use flammable solutions such as alcohol, benzene or thinner to clean the medical printer. Many people think that alcohol has a strong cleaning power, so they love to use it when cleaning medical printers. It is unknown that because alcohol is a flammable solution, if you use it to clean with a medical printer turned on, it is easy to contact the electronic parts inside the medical printer, which may cause parts to burn or even fire or electric shock.

2. When the power cord is bundled or knotted, it is prohibited to use the medical printer. When the power cord is bundled or knotted, the resistance when the current passes will be greatly increased, resulting in excessive resistance, which may cause a short circuit.

3. It is prohibited to insert the medical printer into the power socket shared with other equipment with high power, or place it near equipment with high electromagnetic noise (such as fluorescent lamps). Keep a space of at least 15 cm between the medical printer and such equipment, because if it is too close, the electromagnetic noise generated by fluorescent lamps may cause the medical printer to work abnormally, and the electromagnetic noise generated may cause the medical printer to malfunction.

4. Do not place metal objects (paper clips, staplers, etc.) or flammable solvents (alcohol, thinner, etc.) on the medical printer.

After a series of explanations, we believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the precautions of medical printers, and will take more care of medical printers. After all, this is an important tool for printing and diagnosing patient images. Select Rongwei medical printer, and the after-sales service will be more guaranteed!

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