• What is functions and characteristics of medical film
    What is functions and characteristics of medical film Dec 23, 2022
    From the first medical film in the world to the present, traditional black and white color films such as DR, CR and CT in the medical industry have been replaced by medical film, which has developed into instant hit and take without waiting, waterproof and fadeless. The appearance is firm, white, smooth, matt, waterproof, tear resistant and other advantages. The medical laser film is applicable to...
  • Which brand is better for medical film printer
    Which brand is better for medical film printer Dec 13, 2022
    When it comes to medical printer brands, firstly let's talk about what are the top ten famous printer brands in the world? 1. HP; 2. Canon; 3. Epson; 4. Samsung; 5. Lenovo; 6. FujiXerox; 7. Brother; 8. Lexmark; 9. Konica Minolta; 10、OKI。 At present, the printer products we know are mainly ordinary printers, but there is no professional medical printer ranking. There are some differences with ordin...
  • How about medical white film?Is it good?
    How about medical white film?Is it good? Nov 22, 2022
    Nowadays, with the development of the new era, it has made progress and is widely used in hospitals. This is because medical film can quickly diagnose patients' conditions and target treatment for outpatient doctors. There are many kinds of medical film, and medical white film is one of them. Medical white medical film include HD film and ordinary film. The HD medical white film has the characteri...
  • Attention for Medical Printers
    Attention for Medical Printers Nov 11, 2022
    Today We Rongwei are going to share with you some notes on the use of medical printers 1. Do not use flammable solutions such as alcohol, benzene or thinner to clean the medical printer. Many people think that alcohol has a strong cleaning power, so they love to use it when cleaning medical printers. It is unknown that because alcohol is a flammable solution, if you use it to clean with a medical ...
  • History of medical film printer
    History of medical film printer Nov 02, 2022
    The times are developing rapidly, and science and technology are also making continuous progress. The development of printers has entered the dry era after the wet stage. At present, the wet printer has been withdrawn from the market, which is basically a stage where the dry type heat sensitivity and laser are divided into two parts. At the same time, the dry type ink-jet printing also occupies a ...
  • Tips for selecting medical film
    Tips for selecting medical film Oct 19, 2022
    Medical film is used by modern medical equipment to generate medical images. This kind of consumable material mainly used by X-ray equipment has high quality requirements in all aspects. Since the surface coating and composition materials of medical films of big brands on the market are very good, we will teach you effective skills in selecting medical films. 1. Inspect the relevant parameters and...
  • Application of medical B-ultrasound film
    Application of medical B-ultrasound film Aug 01, 2022
    Medical B-ultrasound film is widely used in B-ultrasound, color ultrasound, gastroenteroscopy, pathology and other inspection items. The born of medical B-ultrasonic film is based on the popularity of radiology film. Medical B-ultrasonic film was born in the 1950s and 1960s. It is a new type of film with pet as the film base and coated with printing and protective layers. It can print the finished...

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