History of medical film printer Apr 2, 2021

The times are developing rapidly, and science and technology are also making continuous progress. The development of printers has entered the dry era after the wet stage.

At present, the wet printer has been withdrawn from the market, which is basically a stage where the dry type heat sensitivity and laser are divided into two parts. At the same time, the dry type ink-jet printing also occupies a certain market. Among them, the dry thermal film printer has simple structure, small machine, relatively cheap price, good printing effect and long service life, so it is more recognized in the second and third tier cities than in the first tier cities.

Before 2012, the domestic market had been monopolized by foreign products until the domestic manufacturers launched the medical dry type digital film printer in 2012, which filled the gap that there was no dry type printer in China.

Rongwei has also contributed to the development of domestic inkjet film printers. The inkjet film printer MP5670, which we strongly advocate, has already come out. The printer uses bubble technology to print images. By heating, expanding and compressing the ink in a short time, the ink is sprayed onto the printing paper to form ink dots, which increases the stability of ink droplet color and realizes high-speed and high-quality printing.

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