Which brand is better for medical film printer Apr 2, 2021

When it comes to medical printer brands, firstly let's talk about what are the top ten famous printer brands in the world?

1. HP;

2. Canon;

3. Epson;

4. Samsung;

5. Lenovo;

6. FujiXerox;

7. Brother;

8. Lexmark;

9. Konica Minolta;


At present, the printer products we know are mainly ordinary printers, but there is no professional medical printer ranking.

There are some differences with ordinary printers. The key point is that medical film printers are mainly used for printing medical films, mainly for hospitals and other medical institutions, and belong to medical devices. Therefore, when selecting such products, we should pay attention to the relevant qualification issues, so that we can clearly print the inspection report to meet the needs of clinical examination.

We Rongwei (Zhuhai) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of medical printers, providing sales services for medical film printers at home and abroad.

Advantages of Zhuhai Rongwei Medical Film Printer:

1. Intelligent low ink alarm system;

2. Stable continuous printing of 20000 sheets after retail;

3. It is suitable for CT, DR, MRI, oral and other radiology department;

4. Ink jet printing physical imaging without chemical reaction is more low-carbon and environmentally friendly;

In addition to medical printers, we also provides medical films, medical ink and other medical printing consumables.

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