India International Medical Device Exhibition Feb 23, 2023

Medical Fair India is hosted by Dusselduff Exhibition Group, Germany. After more than 20 years of development, Medical Fair India has continuously consolidated its authoritative position in the Indian medical industry, and has maintained the trend of continuous development. It has become an international and professional medical exhibition, attracting a large number of international exhibitors, national exhibition groups and professionals. Medical Fair India provides an excellent B2B platform for establishing business relations with Indian medical customers and traders, bringing doctors, surgeons, hospital administrators and medical instrument manufacturers together.

Medical Fair India 2023 will be held from April 27-29, 2023 at the India-New Delhi Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area is expected to reach 10000 square meters, the number of visitors will reach 20000, and the number of exhibitors and brands will reach 600. India is the second most populous country in the world and one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

India has a population of 1.4 billion, and its population is growing at a rate of 1.2% per year. It is a well-deserved large population country. A large share of India's medical industry depends on imports. According to statistics in 2015, the total size of India's medical market is 2925 million, of which the import volume is 2493 million. Although India's medical import volume has declined in recent years, it still maintains a high share of 70%. As the middle class in India grows, so does the awareness of health care. In order to meet the growing demand for medical security in the country, the Indian government will increase its financial budget in the health care sector as never before and increase its investment in the procurement of medical electronic equipment.

With the rapid development of the medical industry in the Indian market, the market demand is increasing. India's medical device industry has huge market space and broad market prospects. As the third largest supplier of healthcare products in the world, China has great potential to occupy the Indian market by producing products with price advantages and export advantages of large-scale production at a lower cost.

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