medical inkjet film
medical image blue film
medical image blue film
medical image blue film

Supplier 10x12 inch PET blue film for hospital inkjet printing

Blue Inkjet medical film is a kind of PET film in medical standard base materials and environmental protection coating to replace traditional silver sensitive film / DR CR , CT , MRI black white laser film, save both hospital and patients cost. No environment pollution, avoid traditional developing caused dangerous poison.

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    1000 sheets
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    3-5 working days

Product Basic Parameters

It is made by coating photosensitive emulsion/photosensitive material on one or both sides of a transparent film base, used for recording, displaying and storing medical images.


Product Advantage

1.Anti static coating, no adhesion

2.Environmental friendly coating, no pollution

3.Widely used in hospital imaging department,such as DR,CR,CT,MRI film output.

4.Easy to store for a long time without refrigeration.

5.No need  dark room.



10x12 inch (254*305mm)
blue base
PET base
210 micron
Inkjet printing
Applicable model:
DR / CR / CT / MRI / DSA etc radiology departments
Applicable hospitals:
hospital medical film printer use
good performance
24 months

10x12 radiology film for hospital


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