The 86th China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF) Nov 23, 2022

The 86th China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF) was opened in Shenzhen. Representatives from 19 countries and regions, including Germany, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom and France, participated in the exhibition with new products from around the world. The fair is "Innovation, Science and Technology Leading the Future", which shows the new products and technologies of medical devices worldwide.

This year's CMEF focuses on high-quality development, high precision and cutting-edge technology, and focuses on the display of medical devices and products in sub sectors such as in vitro diagnosis, medical consumables, medical imaging, and electronic equipment. At the same time, it also sets up a medical robot exhibition area for the first time, and presents widely concerned rehabilitation robots and surgical robots.

Intelligent and cloud based are the general trend of transformation and upgrading of medical products. Therefore, intelligent medical products and integrated overall solutions based on them are a highlight of this CMEF exhibition.

At this exhibition, many manufacturers exhibited portable electronic devices. In recent years, the innovation of medical devices has changed from medical treatment to health care. Therefore, household portable electronic devices have begun to be favored by everyone. The demand for portable household medical devices in China and even the global market is huge, and China will certainly become one of the largest manufacturers and markets of medical electronics.

As a "good assistant" of doctors, medical robots have a broad application prospect, and new products have also attracted wide attention. On the corridor of the exhibition, people can see scenes and introductions of robots displayed by staff around.

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