The world's top ten medical device enterprises collectively appeared in the China International Import Expo Dec 05, 2022

The exhibition area of medical devices and medical care that entered the China International Import Expo(CIIE) this year attracted many high-quality enterprises to participate in the CIIE. Among them, the world's top 15 pharmaceutical giants gathered at the Expo for the first time in five years. The world's top ten medical equipment enterprises collectively appeared at the exhibition.

When it comes to medical devices, you may first think of the doctor's scalpel. In addition, you may think of static medical devices such as detectors. However, there are a large number of "dynamic" medical devices - surgical robots at this CIIE.

Seeing these futuristic robots, you may wonder how far away we are from their applications? In fact, the robot for spinal surgery has been officially listed in China in August 2021, and has been used in many operations. So the future is not far away from us.

For surgical robots, we will certainly be more concerned about the safety. Indeed, in our common sense, doctors often need to come to the scene to judge and operate during surgery, while robots do not have such ability at present. So the names of these surgical robots displayed in the CIIE are all preceded by the word "auxiliary". It is not a substitute, but an auxiliary operation and execution, so that some relatively mechanized content can reduce the human impact.

We often say that we can see the future from the CIIE, so we believe that in the future medical treatment, no matter whether robots will have more intelligent "brains" or not, no matter whether robots will grow in scale, the core must be to better serve for "people".

In this year's exhibition area of medical equipment and medical health care, there are not only large "surgical robots", but also more "small and sophisticated" new technologies, new instruments and equipment in the industry that we can't even see with the naked eye, such as new treatments for common diseases and high incidence, as well as health, health and other fields. The term "precision", "precision" and "innovation" are often heard in this Expo. It is not difficult to see some new changes and new trends in the development of the global medical industry.

Since 5 times CIIE, more and more world-class medical equipment, new technologies and new services have come to China by taking advantage of CIIE and have been widely applied throughout the country, which has also enabled more patients to receive high-quality medical services.

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